2m3 Concrete Truck

The concrete mixer truck is considered to be in charge of transporting the concrete; it is formed by a conical vat or rotating drum supported by the frame that is mounted on an inclined axis, so that it can rotate; This is where the Concrete is placed. The concrete must always be in motion to delay its setting, which is why the function of this truck is to keep this tank in motion through an auxiliary motor in order to achieve homogeneity in the mix. Inside the tank you can see some blades that are welded to the walls of it; this allows the concrete to mix perfectly while the tank makes its turn; Now, to expel the concrete through the opening at the opposite end of the cabin, the only thing that must be done is to put the tank to turn in the opposite direction.

Camelway concrete mixer trucks offer a wide range of variants and options. Due to the high and reliable quality of our products, we guarantee a cost-effective concrete transport.